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Cypherhound – Terminal Application That Contains 260+ Neo4j Cyphers For BloodHound Data Sets

A Python3 terminal application that contains 260+ Neo4j cyphers for BloodHound data sets.


BloodHound is a staple tool for every red teamer. However, there are some negative side effects based on its design. I will cover the biggest pain points I’ve experienced and what this tool aims to address:

  1. My tools think in lists – until my tools parse exported JSON graphs, I need graph results in a line-by-line format .txt file
  2. Copy/pasting graph results – this plays into the first but do we need to explain this one?
  3. Graphs can be too large to draw – the information contained in any graph can aid our goals as the attacker and we need to be able to view all data efficiently
  4. Manually running custom cyphers is time-consuming – let’s automate it 🙂

This tool can also help blue teams to reveal detailed information about their Active Directory environments as well.


Take back control of your BloodHound data with cypherhound!

  • 264 cyphers as of date
    • Set cyphers to search based on user input (user, group, and computer-specific)
    • User-defined regex cyphers
  • User-defined exporting of all results
    • Default export will be just end object to be used as target list with tools
    • Raw export option available in grep/cut/awk-friendly format


Make sure to have python3 installed and run:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt


Start the program with: python3 -u <neo4j_username> -p <neo4j_password>


The full command menu is shown below:

Command Menu
set - used to set search parameters for cyphers, double/single quotes not required for any sub-commands
user - the user to use in user-specific cyphers (MUST include
group - the group to use in group-specific cyphers (MUST include
computer - the computer to use in computer-specific cyphers (SHOULD include or
regex - the regex to use in regex-specific cyphers
set user [email protected]
set group domain [email protected]
set computer dc01.domain.local
set regex .*((?i)web).*
run - used to run cyphers
cypher number - the number of the cypher to run
run 7
export - used to export cypher results to txt files
cypher number - the number of the cypher to run and then export
output filename - the number of the output file, extension not needed
raw - write raw output or just end object (optional)
export 31 results
export 42 results2 raw
list - used to show a list of cyphers
list type - the type of cyphers to list (general, user, group, computer, regex, all)
list general
list user
list group
list computer
list regex
list all
q, quit, exit - used to exit the program
clear - used to clear the terminal
help, ? - used to display this help menu

Important Notes

  • The program is configured to use the default Neo4j database and URI
  • Built for BloodHound 4.2.0, certain edges will not work for previous versions
  • Windows users must run pip3 install pyreadline3
  • Shortest paths exports are all the same (raw or not) due to their unpredictable number of nodes

Future Goals

  • Add cyphers for Azure edges

Issues and Support

Please be descriptive with any issues you decide to open and if possible provide output (if applicable).

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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