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Dangerous Keylogger Found in MantisTek GK2 Keyboard that Capture Users Data and Sending into China


A very popular Gaming Keyboard MantisTek GK2 104 Keys has found with a keylogger that records all the user keyboard activities and sends it across to Cloud Server which is belongs to China.

This mid-range mechanical keyboard cost around US$ 49.99 that is selling via many e-commerce websites in online.

This Keyboard designed to record the keypress Activites of the users that will send the captured Details to a remote server.

Further investigation revealed that captured data has sent to the Alibaba cloud server. Alibaba sells cloud services, so the data isn’t necessarily being sent to Alibaba, the company, but to someone else using an Alibaba server.

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Majority of gadgets that come from China contains very low quality with lacking of privacy and security issue that sometimes causes to collecting users data without consumers Knowledge.

One of Reddit online user has been Experienced that, apparently the software of the Mantistek GK2 is sending all our keypress to an Alibaba.com server! This is sick, imagine the level of information they have about passwords and logins.

In this Image Captured by one of MantisTek Keyboard users clearly showing that keylogger sending user data into which is placed in China.

According to Tomshardware,  to The main issue seems to be caused by the keyboard’s “Cloud Driver,” which sends information to IP addresses tied to Alibaba servers. The data being sent—in plaintext, no less— has been identified as a count on how many times keys have been pressed.

“The first way to stop the keyboard from sending your key presses to the Alibaba server is to ensure the MantisTek Cloud Driver software isn’t running in the background.”

The second method to stop the data collection is to block the CMS.exe executable in your firewall. You could do this by adding a new firewall rule for the MantisTek Cloud Driver in the “Windows Defender Firewall With Advanced Security. Tomshardware said.

Source : GBHackers

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