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DarthSidious – Building An Active Directory Domain And Hacking It

The goal is simple
To share my modest knowledge about hacking Windows systems. This is commonly refered to as red team exercises. This book however, is also very concerned with the blue team; the defenders. That is, helping those who are working as defenders, analysts and security experts to build secure Active Directory environments and monitor them for malicious activity.

There are three major parts in this book

  1. Building a lab
  2. Hacking it
  3. Defending it

I have structured this book so it can be followed more or less sequentally. To practice many of these things, a lab is necessary. That is why I have made a few guides on how to build a lab, with varying degrees of comprehensiveness and size.

Getting started


Getting the Source Code

The source for this book is available in the book’s github repository.


May 2017chryzshBook created
March 2018chryzshRestructured book
30.03.2018bufferov3rrideAdded article Pivoting Through Exchange
02.04.2018chryzshRestructured book again and removed some unfinished articles
11.04.2018chryzshAdded the article Building a malware analysis lab
14.04.2018chryzshAdded the article Password cracking and auditing
23.04.2018filipposAdded the article CrackMapExec
06.05.2018chryzshFixed a link messup and some restructuring

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Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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