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Defeat-Defender – Powerful Batch Script To Dismantle Complete Windows Defender Protection And Even Bypass Tamper Protection

Powerfull Batch File To Disable Windows Defender,Firewall,Smartscreen And Execute the payload

Usage :

  1. Edit Defeat-Defender.bat on this line and replace the direct url of your payload
  2. Run the script “run.vbs” . It will ask for Admin Permission.If permission Granted The script will work Silently without console windows…

After it got admin permission it will disable defender

  1. PUAProtection
  2. Automatic Sample Submission
  3. Windows FireWall
  4. Windows Smart Screen(Permanently)
  5. Disable Quickscan
  6. Add exe file to exclusions in defender settings
  7. Disable Ransomware Protection

Virus Total Result :

Bypasssing Windows-Defender Techniques :

Recently Windows Introduced new Feature called “Tamper Protection”.Which Prevents the disable of real-time protection and modifying defender registry keys using powershell or cmd…If you need to disable real-time protection you need to do manually….But We will disable Real Time Protection using NSudo without trigerring Windows Defender

After Running Defeat-Defender Script

Tested on Windows Version 20H2

Behind The Scenes :

When Batch file is executed it ask for admin permissions.After getting admin privileage it starts to disable windows defender real time protectin , firewall , smartscreen and starts downloading our backdoor from server and it will placed in startup folder.The backdoor will be executed after it has downloaded from server..And will be started whenever system starts..

Check out this article :

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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