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Donald Trump says he knows more about tech than anyone

JOBBING ACTOR Donald Trump has claimed to know tech better than anyone, in one his regular morning Twitter tyrades.

The largely unknown actor has been trying to make it big for years, and is most recognisable at this time of year for his portrayal of ‘Donald Trump’ in Christmas themed cheek-parker Home Alone II.

Trump has been campaigning for some time to build a new wall in his garden and has protested many times because the adults in his life won’t comply.

In this mornings bollockade, he said:

We contacted a blind stray dog living in a cardboard box under a railway arch and he confirmed that he knows more about tech than Donald Trump, and so did his fleas.

Trump has threatened that unless he’s allowed to build his wall, he’ll take all his Lego home and nobody will be allowed to play with it for the duration of a ‘long shutdown’. We assume this means he’ll go for a nap and ask nanny not to let anyone disturb him.

It is understood that once he’s finished playing politics, Mr Trump hopes to join the Geek Squad, where he will be more than happy to ensure that you are using the latest CAT6 cables in your home network for optimum performance. He’ll also sort all the port forwarding and DMZ. µ 

Source : Inquirer

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