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Evidence mounts that the FCC lied about a DDoS to deflect net neutrality critics

THE US FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) has been accused of deliberately inventing a non-existent DDoS attack on its servers to fight back against John Oliver’s very public criticism of plans to end net neutrality.

The first time the HBO talk show host talked about net neutrality, the FCC site crashed with people protesting against plans to deregulate.

The second time, after Ajit “Hair” Pai resurrected the plan under a more sympathetic administration, the site crashed again.

Except it didn’t.

The FCC released a statement claiming that according to their “analysis” it wasn’t the “John Oliver Effect” (yes, it’s a real term) in action but rather a deliberate DDoS by “external actors”.

Security experts said that it didn’t look like a DDoS, and rumours emerged that the “analysis” never took place.

The FCC said the press was irresponsible and said it was (of course) fake news.

But a new Freedom of Information request by Gizmodo had led to the release of an email chain showing that multiple DDoS incidents were made up as a cover for the fact that the website collapsed under the weight of support for retaining net neutrality. Again.

“I have seen no evidence of a DDoS attack on the FCC comment system,” FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told Gizmodo. “But I did see millions of Americans write into the FCC to stop its misguided effort to roll back net neutrality. It’s time for the agency to own up to what really happened.”

Huge swathes of the email are redacted, and the FCC has said it will not be changing that, and as such, the matter may go to court.

The FCC refuses to comment. Ajit Pai refuses to comment. A total of 26 times, Democrats have been asked to respond to letters demanding answers about what went on.

According to the Trump administration, the Democrats as “minority members” have no right to make demands.

So much for checks and balances.

California recently confirmed State Laws which will preserve net neutrality, and override Federal laws. µ  

We’d guess that this will be the subject on Last Week Tonight on Sunday (HBO) and Monday (Sky Atlantic). Hopefully, the Catheter Cowboy will help them see sense.

Source : Inquirer

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