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Exploiting File Upload Vulnerabilty In Joomla WebSites Named as Com_Media Exploit !

Hey Guys

Today Here i m with a new Article On Exploit [ File Upload ] Vulneability  In Joomla Sites !

So let me start ! 

Dork to find such websites :p

Dork 1: inurl:index.php?option=com_media& site:com
Dork 2: inurl:index2.php?option=com_media& site:net
Dork 3: inurl:option=com_media

I m taking a website as  an example ! 

For Example this is a Joomla site

Lets Grab Our Query For Exploiting this Vulnerability 

Code Below :

Now If this Site Is Vulnerable to such exploits then paste this Full query after the site’s link !

Like :

Then You will get a Insert Image Option !

where you can upload your txt file ! 

I hope You liked the tutorial !

Have a Nice Day Guys 


Source : Security Noobs

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