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Faraday presents the latest version of their Security Platform for Vulnerability Management Automation

Miami, February 19, 2020 – Faraday is opening 2020 by strengthening their releases using the featured cybersecurity worldwide events calendar, starting next week with BSides and RSAC in San Francisco. As a Blackhat Global Partner, the company will also participate as a sponsor in all BH’s global events.
By means of automation technology and workflow intelligence, Faraday Platform helps teams reduce their vulnerability findings’ life cycle by prioritizing actions and decreasing the exposure time of their assets while managing their own Security Ecosystem.
Duplicate Vulnerability Detection, Agents with Process Scheduler and the new Cloud implementation are some of the latest enhancements focused on automating every phase of the Vulnerability Management process, thus increasing team’s maturity and risk mitigation.
“We believe that understanding your security posture is the main key to making smarter security investments”
From February 24 to 28, Faraday team will be available to schedule executive meetings around BSides and/or RSA conferences in San Francisco, talk about Vulnerability Management Automation and how their technology can help you. For all those interested in growing their business by including Faraday into their portfolio, this will also be a possibility to approach their new Partner Program designed to adapt to different strategies and business levels.
About Faraday
Faraday’s mission is to help companies perform Vulnerability Management by maximizing their teams’ resources. They focus on helping you centralize all your security efforts, guiding you towards adapting and customizing strategies, prioritizing actions and reducing the time of exposure to risk.
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