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German politicians, celebs and rappers amongst victims of giant email hack

Someone left the gate open…

HUNDREDS OF email accounts belonging to German politicians have been hacked, with personal details being shared online in the biggest cyber attack in the country’s history. 

A glut of celebrities and journalists, as well as the German government, have been affected, with the BBC noting that representatives of the far-right party, the AfD, were not targeted.

The data was released as an ‘Advent Calendar’ on Twitter but gives no indication as to who might have been behind it. The account, with 17,000 followers, appears to originate in Hamburg.

Germany’s Justice Minister Katarina Barley said she believes that the attack set out to “damage confidence in our democracy and institutions”.

It’s not thought that anything that could derail the government has been leaked, but the sheer scale of the amount of data involved means that the repercussions could be felt for months to come.

The German Federal Office For Information Security (BSI) has said it is investigating and emphasised that there is no evidence that government systems have been hacked, only individuals.

This is not the first time that the German government has been hacked, with the last major hack being laid at the hands of Russian state-sponsored hackers

The data dates back to before October last year, but there is so much, it’s hard to tell at this stage how far back in goes.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel is amongst the victims, though only her email address and a few letters have appeared.

A TV satirist, Christian Ehring, a sort of Germanic John Oliver, has had 3.4GB of data stolen including his holiday photos. Herr Ehring has had run ins with the AfD leader, Alice Weidel, whom he called a “slut” on his show.

SPD MP Florian Post has said that at least one file attributed to him is fake. MRDA.

Germany has some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world, but it seems that nobody is safe. Except the far right. Several notable rappers were also targetted, presumably by someone who really doesn’t like hip-hop. Or the Left, apparently. μ

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Source : Inquirer

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