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GoCrack – Password Cracking Tool for Security Professionals to test Password Effectiveness

Password Cracking

Passwords are the basic way to keep our data secure, easy to guess passwords and re-use of the password will increase the risk of being compromised.

With the 2016’s most common passwords list, nearly 17 percent of people secured their account with password “123456” according to the survey by Darren Guccione from 10 million passwords collected from data breaches and public sources.

FireEye team released a password cracking tool GoCrack which allows security professionals to manage their passwords across multiple servers with easy to use web interface.

password cracking

The admin module needs to be deployed on the server where the worker on each GPU/CPU capable machine and the system will automatically distribute tasks over those GPU/CPU machines.

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Password cracking tools help security professionals to audit current passwords and it’s effectiveness.They are used in internal auditing as well as offensive/defensive operations.

We’re releasing GoCrack to provide another tool for distributed teams to have in their arsenal for managing password cracking and recovery tasks.said FireEye.

GoCrack allows only the administrators to view the cracked passwords and for other sensitive actions and users are not privileged for it.It includes support of hashcat v3.6+, so it dosen’t require any external database connection.

Now it supports for LDAP and database backed authentication, in future they planned to enhance with MySQL and Postgres for huge deployments.

GoCrack available to download from Github repository.

Source : GBHackers

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