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Google Chrome Extension that Steals all Data Posted by Users on any Websites

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions continue to get compromised, security officer Renato Marinho from Morphus Labs identified a malicious Chrome extension that captures data posted by users online on any website.

They noticed a phishing campaign titled “Follow the photos from the weekend (via WhatsApp)” which infects users by opening an email with alleged photos.

How it affects Victims Via Chrome Extensions

When users open the phishing Email that contains alleged photos, a malicious EXE file named whatsapp.exe will be executed.

Once the malicious file executed it installs victim’s malicious extension into Google Chrome.In order to Disguise it shows a fake Adobe PDF Reader installation while downloading it’s required components.

Malware files have a size far beyond the ordinary and far beyond what is usually inspected for anti-virus solutions.Says Renato.

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Data Theft

Once the extension installed it will monitor all the data that user posted on the website and sent to attackers, it includes login credentials, credit card details and other sensitive data.

The attacker was not required, for example, to lure the victim to a fake website with typical digital certificate errors or to intercept connections in complex ways. On the contrary, the user will be interacting normally with the legitimate website while their data is stolen. Says Renato.

Here the attacker not diverting victims to fake sites, instead the data is captured while establishing the connection with the legitimate site.

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)


MD5 (md0) = 72c35311136adaaf2c31d54b7d2c462e
MD5 (md1) = bbca1ced8eea1a63e4e05a7f7e368b69
MD5 (whatsapp.exe) = 713fed252238d2cbd48a18b3faa67a8e

Extension Files

MD5 (btwjvx.js) = 229495556791239ecf88e883124284b7
MD5 (ico.png) = 42ab831ae1520621f4117d3639b1131d
MD5 (java_128.ico) = a5c5f16f314bb022edcdb084850f0d63
MD5 (java_32.ico) = d7a6c3c105a0ab5dc39bdf5005f044b4
MD5 (java_64.ico) = 748e901736d11413f8856f9db82e7328
MD5 (manifest.json) = 214859fb1903fefb8c0142273953b4dc
MD5 (unjjmwv.js) = 5ca7582261c421482436dfdf3af9bffe



Source : GBHackers

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