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Hackers compromised over 50,000 accounts of ‘Kinopoisk’ website to change rating of movie ‘Crimea’

Hackers compromised over 50,000 user accounts of the Kinopoisk(Movie Search) website – One of the leading online database for movies in Russia.  The main goal of hackers was increasing the rating of a film “Crimea”, which was expected on the screens.

The incident first came to the spotlight when some of the users noticed the marks in their profile that they are expecting the premiere of the film “Crimea”.  The administration of “Kinopoisk” received complaints from number of users.

After internal investigation, Representatives of the website has removed over 50,000 incorrectly marked marks.  After removing those marks, the number of marks is reduced from 70,000 to 17,000 – The rating of the move is reduced from 60% to 20%.

The technical Support staff of the portal also send notification to all the users of the hacked accounts to change the password.  They also recommended to set a strong password and not to use the same password in any other services.

– Christina

Source : EHackingNews

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