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Huawei plans to rival Alexa and Google with its own AI voice assistant

Just what we needed. Another meddling bot.

CHINESE TECH GIANT Huawei could be the next company to try going toe-to-toe with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In an interview with the company’s consumer CEO, Richard Yu, he was asked about Xiaoyi, the company’s Chinese speaking voice assistant:

“We are using our own (assistant) in China, in (the) future we will also have our own outside of China,” he said. 

“We need more time to build our AI (artificial intelligence) services … Later we will expand this outside of China.”

We would assume that means it will speak English from the outset, but it could equally be set up to rock Korean, which would really annoy Samsung who is still standing in the stable over the equine horse of its own assistant, Bixby, with a ruddy great whip.

However, Yu stresses that the company will keep working with Google and Amazon too. At IFA this year, the company announced its AI Cube (it’s not a cube) which rocks a speaker, an inexplicable 4G LTE router and Amazon Alexa.

With Google and Amazon so mature in this market, in a relatively short space of time, whilst Cortana and Siri remain relatively stagnant in the space, it seems like a brave concete to think there’s room for another player, but with the company’s phones becoming ever more popular, at least in Europe, anything can happen.

At present and three months on, AI Cube (it’s not a cube) has no release date or pricing. We were told to expect it by the end of the year, but with no further news and the last phone launch of the year done and dusted, it seems unlikely now

At IFA, we asked Huawei if there were any plans to create a product like AI Cube (it’s not a cube) that runs Google Assistant and were told that this is definitely an option on the table, but offered no further details. μ

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