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Indian hacker group defaces Pakistani railway website

An Indian hacker group hacked and defaced the official Pakistan railways website on Friday, Pakistani newspaper The News International has reported. According to the newspaper, the group, thatcalls itself “Black Dragon Indian Hacker Online Squad”, took responsibility for the cyberattack. 

“Hello, citizens of Pakistan; this site has been hacked. Years of injustice and misbehaviour and bloodshed from Kashmir in India by Pakistan. Big numbers of Indian websites including government are being hacked by your cyberbrothers,” the message left by the hackers on the page, along with a picture of the Indian flag, reportedly said. 

“The Indian hackers also made the so-called claim that they loved Islam and Muslims but hated Pakistan. Giving a warning to Pakistanis, they said that websites of organizations like electricity distribution companies and commercial banks would also be hacked,” the report said.

Earlier, reports suggest that the same group has also hacked the website of the Bangladesh cabinet division.


Source : TOI

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