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Instant 2.0 helps you to track almost everything you want

Are you one of those people who love to track everything you do, both digitally and even in real life? Before, we used to log everything in a diary or on a word or excel file (if you’re really that anal-retentive). But when smartphones started becoming smarter, we suddenly had an app for everything. You can track how many steps you took, how many calories you ate, how much time you spent on Facebook, how much time you spent staring at your smartphone, etc.

There is no doubt in the fact that Technology is doing wonders in present times. Now it can help you to keep track of your things. A Pune-based security consultant Shashwat Pradhan has developed an app Instant 2.0 which will help you to keep track of almost everything you do or plan.

The app is available on Android.

It will keep record of almost everything; how much time you spend in meetings, driving, gym, how much time you spent in exercising and how much time you’re on social networking sites like Facebook and others.

The app tracks nearly everything you want to record, your app usage, fitness, phone usage, travelling etc.

Unlike earlier apps like Moment and Checky that focused on recording how much time you spent using your smartphone and allowed you to set limits on that behaviour, this app covers has more in store, TechCrunch reported.

The app keeps a tab on things like how much time you have spent in a meeting, how much time you spent driving or exercising and how much time you’re on Facebook among other things. It is integrated with Google’s health-tracking platform, Google Fit, which allows Instant to pull in data from various connected fitness-tracking apps.

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