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Microsoft patent hints at fast-charging Surface devices

MICROSOFT LOOKS to be preparing to add a ‘fast charging’ option to its Surface line of devices.

A patent filed last year and published last week shows that Microsoft has been listening to customers who have suggested that battery life remains a showstopper for the range.

According to Free Patents Online, this particular paper covers off multiple methods to charge a ‘smart battery’:

“The methods and devices may include determining, by a battery management controller, a charging configuration for managing one or more battery modules of the smart battery and transmitting a charging configuration signal to one or more battery modules of the smart battery.

“The methods and devices may include receiving, by at least one of a plurality of charging coils, power from a wireless signal based on the wireless signal coupling energy to at least one of the plurality of charging coils at a frequency as the at least one of the plurality of charging coils and charging at least one battery module.”

Or put simply – make tech-juice go faster.

Of course, this is still just a patent. It could be that this is the beginning of something amazing, or it could end up being another “phone charging wellies” – never to be heard from again.

Or maybe its already implemented and it’s terrible.

Whatever it turns out to be, we can speculate on whether it can and will be retrofitted to older devices (unlikely – most fast charging requires specific hardware) or whether we’re looking at the genesis of the next generation of Surface devices.

Quick Charging is one of the ultimate workarounds for a very modern problem. Until we master solar at higher currents in an affordable way, or we can somehow make larger capacity batteries fit into a teeny-tiny phone, then at least manufacturers can promise that if you have to charge in the middle of the day, it’ll be a bit quicker. μ

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