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” Narcos ” helping users to potentially curb Cybercrime

The dark web isn’t only a market for illicit drugs and
stolen Visa or credit card numbers but rising underneath the surface of this
already uncertain market place is a growing economy flourishing on stolen
There is a developing interest for favoured user logins on
the dark web, and the outcomes could indeed have devastating consequences for
organizations and businesses around the world.
It is as comparative as the famous Netflix original series “Narcos” which recounts the story of former drug chieftain Pablo
Escobar, who in his prime made as much profit trafficking cocaine in a year
than the entire total national output of Colombia. And keeping in mind that
there were many components and factors that prompted and later led to the rise
of Escobar, the most critical was the developing worldwide demand.
Amidst all this a simple formula is followed from consumer credit
card logins to iOS administrator credentials.
The more access
someone has to a system, the more valuable their identity is on the dark web.
Experts estimate that stunning revenue of $800,000 a day by
AlphaBay, which was taken down in July, demonstrates that the money made on the
black market can overshadow what many best and no doubt the top security
organizations—who are in charge of protecting these identities—acquire every
Today almost 80 per
cent of all cyber security breaches involve privileged login credentials according
to Forrester Research.
In the wrong
hands those privileged logins can wreak destruction and havoc on a business
either through an arranged inward attack or by closing a framework (system)
down for ransom.
In a current illustration featured in a report from BAE
systems and PwC, a group called APT10 focused solely on the privileged
credentials of managed IT service co-ops (MSPs) that further permitted the hacker
unprecedented potential access to the intellectual property and sensitive
information of those MSPs and their customers all around.
The dark web is lucrative to the point that anybody with
software engineering abilities and a wayward good compass can endeavour to
trade out; therefore one cannot avoid and ward off every 
attempt to break into
their system.
Understanding and realising that, we must ensure that no user has full,
uncontrolled and unregulated access to our networks and systems. As it turns
out to be certain that the most ideal approach to avert hackers, hoping to
offer your privileged credentials on the dark web is to debase them however
much as could be expected.
To bring this back around to “Narcos,” if cocaine
clients amid Escobar’s rule as a narco-trafficker all of a sudden ended up
being noticeably invulnerable to the forces of the  drug, the market demand—and the fortune Pablo
Escobar was hoarding—would have long dried up.
 Similarly on the off
chance that we could check the straightforwardness or the ease at which
culprits can utilize privileged credentials we can possibly control the
cybercrime. The same is valid for offering and selling credentials and
certifications alike, on the dark web.

Source : EHackingNews

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