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Nest customer is locked out after his doorbell mistakes him for Batman

HOLY FAULTY FACIAL RECOGNITION! A Nest customer has been locked out of his house after the facial recognition feature in his doorbell mistook him for a Caped Crusader.

BJ May owns the Nest Hello doorbell, currently only available in the US, and posted a screenshot (above) showing exactly what happened.

Nest Hello offers the option to lock your doors if it sees a face it doesn’t recognise and it what happened next could lead you to think that the AI technology within is a bit of a Joker.

May returned home to discover he couldn’t get access to his front door. On investigating, the Nest app had him down as a Two-Face – the other being that of Batman, on his t-shirt.

The Winged Warrior seems to be more at an eye-level to the doorbell than Mr May, and as such, caused a Mr Freeze moment – and Alfred wasn’t even there to let him in from the inside.

There are loads of backups in place – in the end, he was able to use a backup pin code as proof that he was the real deal, which is a good job, as otherwise, he’d be Bane for someone to come and break the lock.

In some ways, it’s a good Batsignal that the device definitely works as advertised, but at the same time, this was a cartoon character on a shirt, not a human face, so Nest has still Gotham explaining to do. Imagine coming back on a Dark Knight and not being able to get into your home.

May has since explained that the problem came from an IFTTT recipe he had in place and forgotten about, rather than native support to lock you out, however, the AI aspect in Nest still misfired, mistaking him for a cartoon superhero, but at least that answers that Riddler. μ

Source : Inquirer

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