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New Wi-Fi version to counter hackers

 A new Wi Fi version is set to hit the market to replace WAP2 to
more firmly deal with the devastating hackers the Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
Cyber security experts have observed that  WPA2 is not the sole mechanism to counter the KRACK
which they call the method of attack that damages personal computers,  smartphones along with other devices.
According to the experts at the Wi-Fi Alliance who have
announced WAP3, the Wi-Fi protected Access protocol now on the wait to fight
the hackers would be the best possible mechanism that could authenticate the
personal devices on a specific form of network.
The upcoming version is believe to ensure safety and security of
the Wi-Fi networks and it would be more effective or useful if network
passwords are not required for Wi-Fi access. Further, security and privacy would
remain upgraded if the flow of traffic from the access point to a device of
user-end is encrypted, said the experts working with Wi-Fi Alliance.
The conglomerate of companies responsible for setting standards for
consumer Wi-Fi has announced a slew of measures to ease the mechanism to set up
a safe and secured password in some screen-free devices since these are the
first casualty of the attacks.   
But Wi-Fi Alliance has yet to announce anything about the
backward compatibility where the old one devices could be used in the new
format, perhaps to keep the hackers at bay. The change over is expected this
year only.

Source : EHackingNews

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