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OSCP-Exam-Report-Template-Markdown – Markdown Templates For Offensive Security OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, OSEE, OSWP Exam Report

I created an Offensive Security Exam Report Template in Markdown so LaTeX, Microsoft Office Word, LibreOffice Writer are no longer needed during your Offensive Security OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, OSEE, OSWP exam!

Now you can be efficient and faster during your exam report redaction!

  • Speed up writing, don’t lose time during the 24 hours of exam report redaction
  • No formatting hassle with WYSIWYG editors, byebye unwanted whitespaces and linefeeds from Microsoft Office Word and LibreOffice Writer
  • Re-use your Markdown notes, you’ll be so glad not having to reformat the bold and italic from your Markdown notes into the report
  • Version control ready, save your markdown template into a PRIVATE git repository, you know have an incremental backup, version control works with Markdown (.md) as it’s text but not with binaries (.doc, .odt)
  • Use your favorite editor or note taking app, with Markdown you’ll be able to use your favorite editor (VSCode, Atom, etc.) or note taking app (Vnote, QOwnNotes, Boostnote, etc.) to write your exam report, you won’t have to switch to Windows to use MS Word.
  • Clean & professional style, a professional looking report for your professional certification
  • Error free, use the generation script to generate the report and archive, you won’t do any submission format and name mistake that way


OSCP whoisflynn improved template v3.2

OSCP Official Offensive Security Template v1


Examples for common distros:

  • ArchLinux: pacman -S texlive-most pandoc p7zip
  • openSUSE: zypper in texlive-scheme-medium pandoc p7zip-full
  • Ubuntu: apt install texlive-full pandoc p7zip-full


Write your report in markdown.


There is a script that will:

  1. Let you choose the template
  2. Let you choose the syntax highlight style
  3. Generate the PDF
  4. Generate the 7z archive
ruby generate.rb


Generate the report PDF from the markdown template:

pandoc src/ \
-o output/OSCP-OS-XXXXX-Exam-Report.pdf \
--from markdown+yaml_metadata_block+raw_html \
--template eisvogel \
--table-of-contents \
--toc-depth 6 \
--number-sections \
--top-level-division=chapter \
--highlight-style breezedark

You can change the code syntax highlight theme with 📙 Markdown Templates for Offensive Security OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, OSEE, OSWP exam report (19)”>--highlight-style.

Color sets

Well rendering color sets you can use in the template YAML frontmatter:

DC143C (Crimson)FFFFFF (White)FFFFFF (White)
00FF7F (SpringGreen)006400 DarkGreen000000 (Black)
1E90FF (DodgerBlue)FFFAFA (Snow)FFFAFA (Snow)
483D8B (DarkSlateBlue)FFFAFA (Snow)FFFAFA (Snow)
FFD700 (Gold)000000 (Black)000000 (Black)
FFEFD5 (PapayaWhip)000000 (Black)000000 (Black)
FF8C00 (DarkOrange)000000 (Black)000000 (Black)
FFEF96 (no name)50394C (no name)50394C (no name)

Available templates

Report Templates:

  • OSCP
  • OSWE
  • OSCE
  • OSEE
  • OSWP


Report Templates:

  • OSCP
  • OSWE
  • OSCE
  • OSEE
  • OSWP

Pandoc Template:

Placeholder image:

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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