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Power grids facing cyber security threat

The cybersecurity experts claimed to have discovered yet another fatal
virus in the power grid system forcing the authority to suggest an effective mechanism
to deal with the impending security threat in the entire sector.  
Named as Wannacry ransomware, the deadly virus is
now a new resort for the hackers to target the existing information network of
a few power distributors in Ukraine disrupting the entire distribution system in
the country. The power distribution functionings in the country’s capital city plunged
into a crisis even after a mild attack two years back.     
A gang of hackers struck again with
the same deadly virus in May last year partially paralyzing many personal computers
along with networking systems in more than 100 countries. These include India forcing
a worried power ministry to set up a panel of experts in Central Electricity
Authority to devise a mechanism to counter the crisis.
The CEA panel submitted its findings
in July last year confirming more such attack in the store since the power network deployed
to distribute electricity to consumers is, beyond doubt, vulnerable to the
The expert’s talk of a computer worm which
permanently disables the smart meters since it keeps moving in the advanced
metering infrastructures.
The findings have mentioned the lack
of a technical standard to ensure cyber safety and security suggesting the
absence of security in the smart grid systems. The report suggested the
authority to install an advanced mechanism to share the information on the cybersecurity incidents.

The CEA experts further agreed that
the cyber threats are not predictable which cant be anticipated, unlike other
problems and troubles. 

Source : EHackingNews

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