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RAT-el – An Open Source Penetration Test Tool That Allows You To Take Control Of A Windows Machine

RAT-el is an open source penetration test tool that allows you to take control of a windows machine. It works on the client-server model, the server sends commands and the client executes the commands and sends the result back to the server. The client is completely undetectable by anti-virus software.

To prevent RATel from being detected by antivirus, please do not upload the payload to TOTAL VIRUS. Each month I will test myself if the payload gets detected by antivirus. So you’ll have a photo every month to prove RAtel’s discretion.




  • Multiple Connections
  • Broadcast commands to all clients
  • Stores client informations in the database
  • Encryption of data on the network via XOR
  • Token management system to identify clients


  • Encryption of data send over the network
  • Startup persistence
  • Remote command execution via CMD
  • Remote command execution via Powershell
  • Encryption of data on the network via XOR
  • Automatic persistence when running the client
  • Automatic reconnection


  • Automatic client compilation


I decided to create this project to improve my C++ skills, to learn new notions I didn’t know and to learn English. I intend to maintain and improve the project continuously by adding new features.


If you are interested in the development of my RATel project and would like to contribute to it, please contact me by email ([email protected]). If you have any ideas for features, code improvements or bugs, you can leave me a issues.


The use of this software on any device that is not yours is prohibited. If you use RATel on a machine that does not belong to you, I will in no way be responsible for your actions.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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