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scanless Tool for using Websites to Perform Port Scans on your Behalf

port scans

Network Penetration Testing determines vulnerabilities on the network posture by discovering Open ports, Troubleshooting live systems, services, port scans and grabbing system banners.

Port Scanner is an application used to check the open ports with server or hosts. Open ports are the gateway for attackers to enter in and to install malicious backdoor applications.

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It is Command-line utility for exploitation websites which will perform port scans on your behalf. This tool helps early stages of a penetration testing to run a port scan on a bunch and have it not come back from your IP address.

Port Scanners Supported

  • yougetsignal
  • viewdns
  • hackertarget
  • ipfingerprints
  • pingeu
  • spiderip
  • portcheckers
  • t1shopper

Usage-port scans

It is a simple and easy to use tool, can get results in minutes and also it to stay Anonymous. you can download tool from github.

To install scanless and help

sudo pip install scanless
scanless –help

port scans

To list all the supported scanners

scanless -l

port scans

To Run Scan 

scanless -s yougetsignal -t domain.com

port scans

scanless -s pingeu -t domain.com

port scans

Author : Austin Jackson

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Source : GBHackers

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