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Shellerator – Simple CLI Tool For The Generation Of Bind And Reverse Shells In Multiple Languages

Shellerator is a simple command-line tool aimed to help pentesters quickly generate one-liner reverse/bind shells in multiple languages (Bash, Powershell, Java, Python…). This project is inspired by Print-My-Shell. I just rewrote it and added some options and glitter to it. The lists of reverse and bind shells are not perfect yet. I’ll work on this when I have the time to. I’ll be happy to review pull requests too 🙂
The install is pretty simple, just clone this git and install the requirements.

git clone
pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

Usage is dead simple too.

usage: [-h] [-b | -r] [-t TYPE] [-p LPORT] [-i LHOST] Generate a bind/reverse shell optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -l, --list Print all the types of shells shellerator can generate -b, --bind-shell Generate a bind shell (you connect to the target) -r, --reverse-shell Generate a reverse shell (the target connects to you)(Default) Bind shell options: -t TYPE, --type TYPE Type of the shell to generate (Bash, Powershell, Java...) -p LPORT, --port LPORT Listener Port Reverse shell options: -t TYPE, --type TYPE Type of the shell to generate (Bash, Powershell, Java...) -i LHOST, --ip LHOST Listener IP address -p LPORT, --port LPORT Listener Port

Without CLI menus
If you already know what type of shell you want to generate and don’t have time to select the language in the beautiful CLI menu, you can set it with the appropriate -t (or --type) option.

python3 [-r | -b] -t/--type bash -i/--ip -p/--port 1337

To-Do List

Things to add
Here are some things to add that I have in mind, I’ll work on that asap

  • Add bindshells
  • Add encrypted shells and separate them from bind/rev ?
  • Add some kind of option to help user get info on how to improve shell/tty (rlwrap, stty, ConPty (cf. PayloadsAllTheThings))

Shells mostly come from the following links

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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