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Spraygen – Password List Generator For Password Spraying

Password list generator for password spraying – prebaked with goodies

Version 1.4

Generates permutations of Months, Seasons, Years, Sports Teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), Sports Scores, “Password”, and even Iterable Keyspaces of a specified size.

All permutations are generated with common attributes appended/prepended (such as “!” or “#”), or custom separators (such as “.” or “_”).

Users can extend the attributes and separators using comma delimited lists of characters.

Spraygen also accepts single words or external wordlists that allow you to generate tuned custom wordlists in addition to what is already provided.

You could use tools like crunch, a fancy bash loop over SecLists, or whatever have you but that takes time…this one is made for spraying, so get to it!

python3 -h
( \_
( \_
( \_
( \_ ___
( Password \ | |
( Spray |คคคคคคคค|___|
( _ / |
( _ / /~~~~~~~~~\
( _ / ( Spray )
(_/ | This |
| |
| Get |
| Creds |

Original Art by Alex Chudnovsky (Unaffiliated)
Spraygen tool by 3ndG4me
Version 1.4

usage: [-h] [--year_start YEAR_START] [--year_end YEAR_END] [-s separators] [-a attributes] [-w wordlist] [-n single word] [--mode {all,nosep,noattr,years,plain,custom}]
[--type {all,iterative,sports,nfl,nba,mlb,nhl,months,seasons,password,custom}] [--iter {ascii,num ,spec,asciinum,asciispec,numspec,full}] [--size SIZE] [--min_length MIN_LENGTH] [--max_length MAX_LENGTH]
[-o output file] [-p] [--sort {nosort,asc,desc,random}] [-v]

Parse Spray List Arguments.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--year_start YEAR_START
starting year for a range of years
--year_end YEAR_END ending year for a range of years
-s separators a comma delimited list of one or more separators
-a attributes a comma delimited list of one or more attributes
-w wordlist path to a custom wordlist
-n single word single custom word to generate a custom wordlist with
--mode {all,nosep,noattr,ye ars,plain,custom}
Mode for list generation. Can be all, no separators, no attributes, only years, plain, or custom (will only use parameters passed into -s or -a).
--type {all,iterative,sports,nfl,nba,mlb,nhl,months,seasons,password,custom}
Type of list to generate. Can be all, iterative, sports, nfl, nba, mlb, nhl, months, seasons, password, or custom. Choosing 'all' executes all options except for 'iterative' which must be run
--iter {ascii,num,spec,asciinum,asciispec,numspec,full}
Keyspace mode for iterative list generation. Only works when --type is set to 'iterative'. Can be ascii, num, spec, asciinum, asciispec, numspec, or full. Will generate all permutations of the
selected keyspace with a given length set with the --size parameter.
--size SIZE Length of passwords generated by a set keyspace. Only works when --type is set to 'iterative' and an --iter keyspace mode is set.
--min_length MIN_LENGTH
Minimum length of passwords to include in the list. (Default: 1)
--max_length MAX_LENGTH
Maximum length of passwords to include in the list (Default: 999)
-o output file name of a file to create and write the final output to
-p prints the output line by line as plaintext
--sort {nosort,asc,desc,random}
Sort final output. Sorting methods supported are nosort, asc, desc, random.
-v prints the current version of spraygen and exits

Basic Usage

  1. Install dependencies pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. Run python3 -p – this will generate all default built in wordlists with all permutations and print them to the screen


  • @MarkoH17 – for the boolean python3.8 backwards compatibility fix

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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