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SteaLinG – Open-Source Penetration Testing Framework Designed For Social Engineering

The SteaLinG is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for social engineering After the hack, you can upload it to the victim’s device and run it


This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes

How can I benefit from this project?

  • you can use it
  • for developers
    you can read the source code and try to understand how to make a project like this


moduleShort description
Dump passwordsteal All passwords saved , upload file a passwords saved to mega
Dump Historydump browser history
dump filesSteal files from the hard drive with the extension you want

New features

moduleShort description
1-Telegram Session HijackTelegram session hijacker
  • How it works ? The recording session in Telegram is stored locally in this particular path C:\Users<pc name >\AppData\Roaming\Telegram Desktop in the ‘tedata’ folder
└── Users
├── .AppData
│   └── Roaming
│   └── TelegramDesktop
│   └── tdata

Once you have moved this folder with all its contents on your device in the same path, then you do what will happen for it is that simple The tool does all this, all you have to do is give it your token on the site The first step is to go to the path where the tdata file is located, and then convert it to a zip file. Of course, if the Telegram was working, this would not happen. If there was any error, it means that the Telegram is open, so I would do the kill processes. antivirus You will see that this is malicious behavior, so I avoided this part at all by the try and except in the code The name of the archive file is used in the name of the device of your victim, because if you have more than one, I mean, after that, you will post request for the zipfile on the anonfiles website using the API key or the token of your account on the site. On it, you will find your token Just that, teacher, and it is not exposed from any AV

2- Dropper
  • What requirements does he need from you?
  • And how does it work?? Requirements The first thing it asks you is the URL of the virus or whatever you want to download to the victim’s device, but keep in mind that the URL must be direct, meaning that it must be the end Its Yama .exe or .png, whatever is important is that it be a link that ends with a backstamp The second thing is to take the API Kay from you, and you will answer it as well. Either you register, click on the word API, you will find it, and you will take the username and password So how does it work? 

The first thing is to create a paste on the site and make it private Then it adds the url you gave it and then it gives you the exe file, its function is that when it works on any device it starts adding itself to Registry device in two different ways It starts to open pastebin and inserts the special paste you created, takes the paste url, downloads its content and runs And you can enter the url at any time and put another url. It is very normal because the dropper goes every 10 minutes. Checks the URL. If it finds it, it changes it, downloads its content, downloads it, and connects to find it. You don’t do anything, and so, every 10 minutes, you can literally do it, you can access your device from anywhere

3- Linux support

4-You can now choose between Mega or Pastebin


  • python >= 3.8 ++ Download Python
  • os : Windows
  • os : Linux

Installation to Windows:

git clone
cd SteaLinG
pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation to Linux

git clone
cd SteaLinG
chmod +x


* Don't Upload in Bcz This tool will not work with Time.
* Virustotal Share Signatures With AV Comapnies.
* Again Don't be an Idiot!

AV detection


Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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