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StegCracker – Brute-force Utility to Uncover Hidden Data Inside Files

Steganography is an art of hiding messages covert way so that exclusive the sender and recipient know the original message.This technique permits sender and receiver to communicate secretly and the third party won’t mindful of the correspondence happen.

Steganalysis is the process of recovering hidden data, It decides the encoded hidden message, and if conceivable, it recovers that message.The message can be identified by taking a gander at changes between bit designs and unusually large file sizes.This is considered to be an attack on the covered information.

In this Kali Linux Tutorial, we show how to use the tool that uncovers hidden data from the image file.

It is a simple brute force tool, to test all we need is a stego image and a Wordlist. If you are not having wordlist get the one from here.

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How to install StegCracker

The tool exists in the with Ubuntu package management system, so the installation is pretty simple. You can download from GitHub.

$ apt-get install steghide -y

$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Paradoxis/StegCracker/master/stegcracker > /bin/stegcracker

Then need to provide execute permission

$ chmod +x /bin/stegcracker

Then finally the brute-force attack.

$ stegcracker (imagefilename) (bruteforcetextfile)

Author: Luke Paris

One of the problems that we have these days is that there are not a lot of tools that include steganalysis modules, so it is a little difficult to protect our networks from this kind of attacks. There are different tools for steganalysis but almost all of them require a person to manually use them.

Source : GBHackers

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