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T-Mobile to cap LTE roaming data in Mexico and Canada at 5 GB from November 12

The best Unlimited Plan crown has been fiercely contested in 2017, with many carriers launching new offers to try and one-up each other. T-Mobile has been chief among those trying to quash their rivals, making some very competitive moves in order to secure subscribers.

One of T-Mobile’s more generous offers was born out of its “Mobile Without Borders” plan. This was intended to provide the same LTE data limits when roaming in North America as when using LTE in the US, and when combined with T-Mobile’s subsequent Unlimited plan, this meant unlimited LTE data when traveling in Canada and Mexico.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile has now announced that it will alter the Mobile without Borders offer with a high-speed data cap for Mexico and Canada from November 12.

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Customers will now have a maximum LTE data limit of 5 GB in Mexico and Canada, after which they will be reduced to Simple Global speeds, meaning up to 128 kbps for most plans or 256 kbps with T-Mobile ONE Plus. The move affects all customers on its T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice North America, or legacy rate plans with roaming.

T-Mobile said that this move had been made “in order to prevent usage beyond the intent of the product,” and noted that “less than one percent of people with this benefit travel to Mexico and Canada use over 5 GB a month.” For those in that one percent, this is no doubt a disappointing turn of events.

Do you think this is an unfair move from T-Mobile? Is 5 GB more than enough anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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