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Vine 2 is back on track; now called Byte

VINE WAS DEAD, to begin with. The six-second looping video app was ritually sacrificed upon the altar of corporate profitability by Twitter two years ago, but it looks like it could be coming back. Or something that looks an awful lot like it, anyway.

It won’t be under the name Vine – that belongs to Twitter – but the co-founder of the project, Dom Hofmann, has confirmed that a “new looping video app” will launch in Spring 2019. Potentially just in time for you to loop video of the pound tanking as Britain leaves the EU on 29 March.

The new app will be called ‘Byte‘ – a change from the previous ‘v2’ moniker it had. Interestingly, Hofmann had another app of that name, based on creating digital art, but it didn’t catch on.   

Beyond that vague release date and the fact that it will include looping videos, there’s not really much more to reveal at this point – other than the fact that interest in the medium still seems strong.

Not only are Vines still routinely shared two years after the format died, but the brand new Twitter account for Byte has already amassed nearly 64,000 followers in under 24 hours. Its first tweet – the wave emoji – has been retweeted 751 times and received 330 replies. A number of these seem to be digs at TikTok, a Vine-like service that clearly doesn’t quite scratch that six-second-video itch.

Of course, that does point to a wider problem Byte may well encounter next year. When it launched in 2012, there was nothing like it – in 2018 that definitely isn’t the case, with the kids all on their Instagrams and Snappety Chats.

Given Vine clearly wasn’t profitable enough for Twitter in 2016, there should be real question marks over its spiritual successor when competition is even more fierce. µ

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