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WannaRace – WebApp Intentionally Made Vulnerable To Race Condition For Practicing Race Condition

WebApp intentionally made vulnerable to Race Condition


Race Condition vulnerability can be practiced in the developed WebApp. Task is to buy a Mega Box using race condition that costs more than available vouchers. Two challenges are made for practice. Challenge B is to be solved when PHPSESSID cookie is present, cookie is auto created when user is logged in. Happy learning

Building and running the docker image

Build the docker image with:

git clone && cd WannaRace
docker build -t xib3rr4dar/wanna_race:1.0 .

Run docker image:

docker run -it --rm xib3rr4dar/wanna_race:1.0


docker run -it --rm -p 9050:80 xib3rr4dar/wanna_race:1.0

Then open in browser relevant IP:PORT

Challenge #1

Main Page


Four vouchers worth 400 units available for recharge


Task is to buy Mega box (which is worth 401 units) by exploiting race condition

Challenge #2

Same as Challenge #1 but requires login so that PHPSESSID and appropriate cookies are set

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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