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WhatsApp update for iOS brings crucial bug fixes

WhatsApp has finally updated their app on iOS. The update will be bringing in multitudes of bug fixes, features and  performance improvements on the iPhone.

The last update which brought back a few features was pushed out last month. The latest update is available on the App Store and will take the WhatsApp version to 2.12.5.

Some key features of the new WhatsApp iOS update will be backup option for videos, improved VoiceOver support, and sharing your location directly with another WhatsApp user.

Videos can be backed up from the chat backups options. Tap into Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup.

Improved support for VoiceOver will result in better quality recordings and sounds. In-app cropping and editing has also improved for images and videos. The location sharing will now be displaying a larger sized map for improved readability and convenience. Like their Android counterparts, iPhone users will now be able to directly share contacts from their phone’s Contacts app.

Custom notification settings for chats, mark as unread with a swipe, and the reduction of data used during a WhatsApp call are few of the features that have already hit the Android version of the app.

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