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APSoft-Web-Scanner-v2 – Powerful Dork Searcher And Vulnerability Scanner For Windows Platform

APSoft Webscanner Version 2

new version of APSoft Webscanner Version 1

Software pictures

What can i do with this ?

with this software, you will be able to search your dorks in supported search engines and scan grabbed urls to find their vulnerabilities. in addition , you will be able to generate dorks, scan urls and saerch dorks separately when ever you want

Supported search engines

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Supported vulnerabilities

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS
  • LFI

Whats new in version 2 (most important updates) ?

adding custom payloads

you can edit payloads.json file which will be created when you open and close software once, and add payloads as much as you want , easier than drinking water

adding custom error checks

once a payload injected in url, software will looks for errors in new website source, you can also customize those errors too. what you have to do is easily edit payloadserror.json file which will be created when you open and close software once. you can also use regexes as error , with REIT|your regex here format

multy vulnerability check

in old version, you were not able to choose more than 1 vulnerabilites to check, but in v2, you can do this easily.

multy search engine grabber

in old version, you were not able to choose more than 1 saerchengines to saerch in, but in v2, you can do this easily.

memory management

we`ve added memory management to avoid lack of memory in your system

dork generator

you can generate dorks and save them very fast with your custom configurations and keywords. valid configuration format should contain {DORK} that will be replaced with each keyword in dork generation process

updates list (all)

  • new threading system based on microsoft task
  • using linq technology
  • dork generator part
  • ability to add regexes as payloads error
  • low usage
  • moving from WPF to Windows form (just because my designes are bad, contact me if you can do better)
  • ability to use scanner-graber separately and simultaneously
  • and ….

support / suggestion = [email protected] – t.me/ph09nix

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Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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