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Beware!! New Zero-day Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player – Still No Patches Available

Zero-day Vulnerability

Adobe Flash Player now suffering from brand New Zero-day vulnerability with high severity rate and researchers believes that it cause a Severe impact on ActiveX Support browsers which leads to compromise the Windows PC.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are referred to attacks on vulnerabilities that have not been patched or made public.

This critical Zero-day vulnerability is presenting in current Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and earlier versions.

In this case, this major Zero-day flaw mainly spreading via Microsoft office document or spam mail that contain a Malicious flash file.

South Koren Cyber Emergency Response Team(KR-CERT) Released Emergency notes that says, “This vulnerability only on user’s who all are using Internet Explorer (IE) be influenced chrome (chrome) until a patch is available using Firefox (FireFox) is recommended”

Security Researcher from Hauri, Inc.said, “Flash 0day vulnerability that made by North Korea used from mid-November 2017. They attacked South Koreans who mainly do research on North Korea.”

Adobe users have to beware of this severe Zero-day Until Adobe releases the security patch for this Vulnerability.

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Temporary Mitigation for this Zero-day Vulnerability

  • Remove the flash player from computer Until Adobe releases a security patch for the vulnerability.
  •  do not trust the website Scion visits and the source does not open an unknown email attachment viewing prohibited and links
  • keep the latest updates of antivirus programs, and enable real-time monitoring
  • Use Firefox  until a patch is available

Source : GBHackers

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