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California Voter Database Leaked – 19 Million Voters Records Under Risk

A newly discovered an unprotected MongoDB database contains a large volume of data which belongs to California state voters information that Contains Every Registered Voter Data same as many of voter database leaked incidents have been reported in last year.

Leaked Database publicly available in online that can be accessed by anyone without any password or log in and this incident received by a Shodan-based breach report.Also, it was open to view, edit and modifying the entire database by anyone.

Data volume contains 95.1GB that was leaked in public on Jan 19th. Later Database has gone offline but we can access the related documents through offline.

The Sacramento Bee digital media department are holding these sample in the database and other attributes that pointed to their own internal system.

A leaked Database contains an information about, Legislation data (bills, committees, voting results etc.), Letters to editor, readers’ opinions, restaurant reviews and info, the SacBee internal systems info (URLs, internal keys, user agents info, admin credentials etc), Data visualization info ,the SacBee API info (incl. subscribers and clients info), State pay info.

In this database contains all the registered votor’s data for the entire state of California  19,501,258 records.

Voter Database Leaked Voter Database Leaked

Same attack has been discovered in 2017 with same set of confidentials data but past attack was targetted for ransomware attack and this attack aslo for the same motivation by hackers.

According to Kromtech Security ,The database has been labeled as ‘compromised’ shortly after it become publicly available and now not accessible but according to Shodan report it contained a “Warning” and ‘Readme’ note-  which is usually a ransomware note.

Source : GBHackers

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