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Facebook New Security Test Forced User to Upload Your clear photo to catch suspicious Activities


Facebook now performing a new kind of captcha to verify the user to find Whether you are real human or bot for every user who all are crossing the facebook behavior access limit.

Each and everyday facebook facing millions and millions of unusual behavior and suspicious activities which cause many abusing events to normal Facebook users.

This Unsuspicious event with various part of the facebook including, sending a friend request, setting ads, share the links in group and page, creating and editing ads and cleating accounts.

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Few months Before facebook released new tool to prevent suicide and online well being to Prevent the people who may have in Risky Situation

This new identity verification system is the social network’s latest attempt to curb the spread of artificially intelligent “bots” – software applications that run automated tasks over the internet.


prevent users from suspicious activities, this new security implementation by Facebook’s new system requires users to upload a photo of themselves that clearly shows their face, to prove they are who they say they are.

According to Wired, The process is automated, including identifying suspicious activity and checking the photo. To determine if the account is authentic, Facebook looks at whether the photo is unique.

A Recent Twitter users experience this suspicioius activities verification that says,“Please upload a photo of yourself which clearly shows your face.When you send us a photo, we’ll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers.”

Many Facebook users shared their experience with this security verification and some time it asks rejected their images and make users get frustrated.

The Facebook spokesperson said the photo test is one of several methods, both automated and manual, used to detect suspicious activity.

facebook already relesed several projects to prevent a user that asked users to upload nude photos to Facebook Messenger, as part of an effort to prevent revenge porn.

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