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Hackers Breached Sacramento Regional Transit System and Demands $8,000 Ransom


Hackers Breached Sacramento Regional Transit System computers on last Saturday and deleted some data from the agency’s servers that affects their internal operations.

Attackers defaced and modified the homepage and displayed the following message on their homepage.You can still see it from Google cache.

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I’m sorry to modify the home page, i’m good hacker, i I just want to help you fix these vulnerability
This is one of the loopholes, modify the home page is to let you know there are loopholes, Not just this one loophole!
It’s Very Dangerous!!please contact me as soon as possible Please contact me email to help you fix these vulnerability:) [email protected]

SacramentoThen the agency shut down the website, closes the payment gateway until the bug was fixed. No infection with the agency’s mobile app it remains fully operational.

Regional Transit officials said they have determined that no data was stolen and are working to secure their system from further attack. Bus and rail service has not been affected.

Hackers contact SacRT through facebook saying, “hello, I will always attack your website, we are hackers. we can do everything. Pay us now to stop attacking.” They demand SacRT pay $8,000 as ransom.

“We caught it early (Sunday) morning,” he said. “We took all our systems offline” and determined what data had been erased. “We are restoring everything now and bringing it up online.”

Last year San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency was targeted and thousands of computers at the SFMTA were scrambled with strong Encryption.

Source : GBHackers

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