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Important Cybersecurity Consideration to Secure Your Company’s Integrity


When it comes to cybersecurity then no any business would be able to ignore it! In fact, if we consider the reports of Verizon Data Breach Investigation then we would be able to see that 60% of the cyber attacks target SMBs, mostly because they are comparatively somewhat easy targets.

But, don’t be passive at all for this! Rather, you can just opt the smart tools and services which can save your company from any sort of cyber threats.

Want to check out some of such amazing Cybersecurity tools? Then just read ahead!

Keep your office hardware secured

Most of the companies nowadays scramble always to secure the cloud! And, in this rush, hardware often remains overlooked. But, hardware even holds a huge importance.

So, in addition to creating a secured network, you should always opt for a secured hardware and adopt secure protocols to really protect your company. For example, the Touchpoint Manager from HP Inc is one such which could help you streamline your protection policy and minimize security vulnerabilities.

IoT’s growing up Vastly With more than 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices expected by 2020 .IoT devices not only create new opportunities for attackers to invade networks to steal information, they can also be hacked to gain access to physical spaces and assets, or even cause harm to users.

As users become more dependent on the functionality of connected devices, the risk represented by loss of use or corrupted use becomes even greater.

Recently Metasploit presented a Hardware Bridge API which extends Metasploit’s capabilities into the physical world of hardware devices.

Get rid of Ransomware

If you are leading a small business then what is the most prevalent cybersecurity risk for you? Isn’t it ransomware? It is! Right? Well, the problem is not only yours. The FBI has estimated that ransomware infects more than 4,000 U.S. businesses every day.

Attackers are more successful when effective countermeasures are not in place. Security firms are consistently developing and releasing anti-ransomware applications and decryption tools in response to the threat.

So, in such a scenario, you can download the easy to use tool from WatchPoint, CryptoStopper, that businesses like yours should download and install in order to protect their network. While deploying and encrypting bait files throughout a network, this tool isolates the infected user and finally, the ransomware is stopped before any damage happens.

Keep your emails safe

Undoubtedly, it is a genuine fact that the marketers and salespeople of your company must be using email tracking solutions to improve sales and get better engagement. Right? But, cybercriminals target the date and time when emails are opened, when they are forwarded, and much more.

Email spoofing is the way of delivering forged emails to recipients.These methods are used by criminals to launch attacks like phishing or spams to provide persistent backdoors with legitimate behavior.

If the spam filter is bypassed a receiving the mail to inbox can be the critical impact to the organization.This makes an organization open door to attacks like social engineering, delivering malicious payloads to compromise the internal asset.

So, you can use the tools like MailControl to block the spy emails from hitting your inbox. You could specifically prevent targeted phishing attacks to reach up to your business.

Make your website SSL friendly

Till now, you might have known about only the traditional uses of SSL certificates. For example, in case of developing the shopping carts and login pages. But, are you aware of Always on SSL? Well, this software can protect your entire website through https, instead of just a couple of pages only.

We are moving fast to the encrypted world and the usage of TLS certificates increased dramatically.The process of getting a certificate has become more and more simple over time and now and it also free to get them.

Once it has been satisfied CA will issue a certificate for you and then it needs to be installed on the server where our domain hosted to get green padlock and HTTPS in the address bar.

This is even highly effective in protecting against modern attacks which seek to steal valuable information whenever a website visitor browses between secure and not secure pages.

So, if you haven’t opted for this astounding cybersecurity tool yet then make a move soon!

Cybersecurity Winding Up

Aren’t these cybersecurity tools seem to be highly useful? Then, what are you waiting for? Just make a move soon! And, thus you would be able to keep your business away from any kind of cyber blunders!!

Source : GBHackers

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