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Turnoff Victims Internet Connectivity In LAN and Enjoy High Speed Internet


NetCut is a software which enables a network admin to turn off the internet connection of any machine in a LAN.But It can also be used for offensive purpose In Local area network to gain High bandwidth for Internet connectivity.

How Netcut works?

  • Basically netcut works with ARP protocol which is link layer protocol, it is used for resolving network layer address (IP) into link layer address (MAC).
  • Attacker associates his MAC address and IP address of the target host (Gateway) so that any traffic sent to that target host will come to the attacker which is called as ARP spoofing.
  • Netcut used on LAN to cut down the Network connection of victim.
  • It makes a Denial of Service attack on the Victim so that he doesn’t get internet access.
  • Flooding the switch with unreal MAC address entries that make the victim’s IP address are mapped incorrectly and the victim receives no packets( No Internet Connectivity)

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Lets drive:

  • Run the Netcut Tool with Administrator to discover list of active users within your Local Area Network
  • Add the Gateway Ip At the right side of your panel
  • Both IP and Hostname will be resolved with Arp protocol by Netcut.

Lets CUT Victims Internet:

  • Choose Your victim Ip and select Cutoff option.
  • Now your Victim has no internet connectivity.Now you are ready to enjoy the bandwidth with High-speed Internet, but its offensive.
  • Also If you would like to resume Internet connection to Victim, select Resume option.


How to prevent?

  • Static ARP mapping associated with the Gateway will block Malicious Arp packets and final destination host will ignore all ARP replies for that Attackers IP.
  • Implementing static ARP routing will protect everyone that is connected to the network. However, a lot of basic home based routers don’t support static ARP table.
  • If your Network Devices is misconfigured for above attacks, Its recommended download and Install Anti Netcut or Anti ARP spoofing Tools to defend against denial of service to Internet connectivity.

The NetCut Tool Never find your computer on the network, If your network devices configured with good security practices to defend ARP attacks.

Source : GBHackers

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