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JP Morgan Chase Affected with Internal “glitch” and Customers Bank Account shows others Account Information

Bank AccountJPMorgan Chase

Multiple customers of JP Morgan Chase reported unusual activities in bank account login due to internal glitch and it shows another persons account information when the user logged in their own account.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading global financial services firm and one of the largest banking institutions in the United States and worldwide operation, with US$2.5 trillion in assets under management and US$28 trillion in assets under custody and administration.

This Unusual incident happened Wednesday evening and a limited number of the customer were affected and account activities have occurred around  6:30 pm and 9 pm ET, during the time while Customers logged in to chase.com could see someone else’s account details.

Chase has acknowledged this incident and still the investigation is undergoing regards the account changes.

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Chase confirms that it was caused by an internal “glitch” and did not involve any kind of hacking attempt or cyber attack.

JP Morgan Chase director of communications Trish Wexler said,“We know for sure the glitch was on our end, not from a malicious actor,” noting that Chase is still trying to determine how many customers may have been affected. and he confirms that, this unusual incident 100 percent not the result of anything malicious.

A customer of Chase,  Fly & Dine, revealed the account mix-up was documented, Fly & Dine included screenshots of one of their writer’s spouses logged into the account of a fellow Chase customer with an Amazon and Chase card and a balance of more than $16,000.

Chase confirms that,  incident affecting both mobile device and Web browser users. and they are through Tweets from customers and making sure that if anyone is calling us with issues we’re working one on one with customers. If you see the suspicious activity you should give us a call.” Chase official said.

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