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Man Hacked into Jail Computer Network to Change his Friend Release Date

Jail Computer

Ann Arbor, Michigan, hacked into the Washtenaw County Jail Computer network to change the release and have his friend released early.

Konrads Voits aged 27 was arrested earlier this year by FBI and pleaded guilty for damaging protected County computer network in Federal Court.

How Voits Get access to Computer networks

As indicated by court records, Viot conducted a Social Engineering attacks via both email and phone calls to Washtenaw County employees.

According to Bleepingcomputer Voits used spear-phishing and social Engineering attacks to trap the employees and make them install malware on their system. So that he obtain complete control over the system and can force any changes.

He targetted Washtenaw staff “Daniel Greene” and requesting to help in pulling the records; he also registered the domain ewashtenavv.org, which resembles same like Washtenaw official website ewashtenaw.org.

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But his email spear-phishing campaigns ended up unsuccessfully. Later in mid-February Viot started calling jail employees and claimed that he is the IT manager of County computer network and ask them to download and install specific executables to upgrade the system.

Some of the employees fall into the trap and installs the malware which allows Viot to gain access to their computer network system.Once he gained access took the names, addresses, emails, and passwords of many former and present Washtenaw County employees, Plea reads.

Washtenaw County spends numerous extra hours in addressing the breach and leads to at least $235,488 loss. Voits is confronting a most extreme punishment under government law of 10 years’ detainment and a $250,000 fine.

“Cyber intrusions affect individuals, businesses, and governments. Computer hackers should realize that unlawfully entering another’s computer will result in a felony conviction and a prison sentence,” Lemisch said.

Source : GBHackers

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