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Muslim Hacktivist Hacked into Isis Website that Claimed to be Unhackable


After a number of cyber attacks and official takedowns over Isis news agency Amaq, they have issued a statement on Friday claiming they have increased security and ready for any type of attacks.

“In response to recent events, we have imposed more stringent security measures on our systems,” said the email in Arabic. “We can now handle email attacks or any type of hack.”

Within three hours after the statement, a Muslim hacking group with online handle “Di5s3nSi0N” hacked the secure email list for Amaq.Email list consists of around 1784 subscribers according to Independent.

“Challenge complete – too easy!” Di5s3nSi0N activists wrote on Twitter. “2,000 email subscribers hacked from Amaq…what is next?”

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After taking control over the website hackers sent a number of Email to it subscribers with the image displaying hooded man from the official Email address [email protected]

“We have hacked the full ‘secure’ email list for Amaq,” it said. “Daesh…shall we call you dogs for your crimes or snakes for your cowardice? We are the bugs in your system.”

Di5s3nSi0N is one of the most dangerous hacking group particularly targeting Isis’ websites and servers. Currently, the group has only an active telegram account.

Meanwhile, another group called Daeshgram confuses Isis supporters by setting up accounts with fake statements, which makes Isis users so hard to find which is fake and real one.

“Isis supporters on Telegram are very confused which one is fake and which one is real,” an activist told The Independent. “They usually fail in guessing and join the fake ones thinking they are real.”

It could be a huge loss for Isis on the ground where they are not able to maintain propaganda the monthly Rumiyah propaganda magazine several weeks overdue.

“Isis may be less productive than ever, but the quality and ambition of its propaganda remains head and shoulders above that of its rivals,” he wrote for the BBC.

Source : GBHackers

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