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Nanobrok – Web Service For Control And Protect Your Android Device Remotely

Web Service write in Python for control and protect your android device remotely. 

The official app can be found on the PlayStore:


Nanobrok-Server is powerful opensource webservice for control and protect your android device, written in Python, that allow and offer a stable and security connection with your android device for protect , control remotely.

Main Features

  • Maps the location of your device
  • Alert flag (Event it’s lost or stolen)
  • Recorder Audio Mic
  • Remote File Transfer [PRO]
  • Network scanner [PRO]
  • and more!

Security features

We implemented some security features for try protect your remote server. But remember that no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and reliable, and I cannot guarantee its absolute security.

  • CSRF token
  • Sign-in attempt block limit
  • X-Frame-Options
  • Same origin policy (SOP)
  • CORS flask implementation
  • HTTPS force redirect
  • API Header X-CSRFToken
  • Self Signed Certificate (CA)

we are always looking to implement security features.

Supported platforms

  • Python: you need Python 3.7 or later to run Nanobrok-Server.

  • You can run localhost, VPS or as heroku app.

  • Operating System:

    • a recent version of Linux (we tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS);
    • please note: Windows is supported (was not tested yet)

Installation & Documentation

Learn more about using wiki


See for how to help out.


on discord:


Nanobrok is licensed under the Apche 2.0.

Made with by P0cL4bs Team

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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