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New BlackArch Penetration Testing Linux ISOs Released with More Hacking Tools

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux based Arch Linux. Lightweight Penetration Testing Distro designed for Professional & Elite Hackers who have the ability to work with Linux like a Pro.

Used to use Fluxbox & OpenBox as a Desktop Environment with other DE’s. It has huge tools in the repository more than 1500+ hacking tool included in the Distro & Repo.

A short ChangeLog of the Live-ISOs:

update blackarch-installer to version 0.6.2 (most important change)
included kernel 4.14.4
updated lot’s of blackarch tools and packages
updated all blackarch tools and packages
updated all system packages
bugfix release! (see blackarch-installer)

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BlackArch Linux features

– Support for i686, x86_64, armv6h, armv7h and aarch64 architectures
– Over 1800 tools (constantly increasing)
– Modular package groups
– A live ISO with multiple window managers, including dwm, fluxbox,
openbox, awesome, wmii, i3 and spectrwm.
– An 64bit OVA image ready to use with Virtualbox and VMware
– An optional installer with the ability to build from source.

The BlackArch team released the Distro yesterday and it is available to download form BlackArch download page.Default Login root:blackarch.

# To list all of the available tools, run

$ sudo pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch | cut -d’ ‘ -f2 | sort -u

# To install all of the tools, run

$ sudo pacman -S blackarch


Source : GBHackers

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