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New Malware Campaign Trick Victims as an Adobe Flash Player Installers

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Security researchers from ESET identified the sophisticated hacker group Turla added new malware to its arsenal. It attempts victims to install the backdoor via fake Flash installers.

The campaign is primarily targetting embassies and consulates in the post-Soviet states. Turla cyberespionage group using this attack method starting from July 2016, the new tool have same similarities associated with the previous malware distributed by the group.

Not only does the gang now bundle its backdoors together with a legitimate Flash Player installer but, compounding things further, it ensures that URLs and the IP addresses it uses appear to correspond to Adobe’s legitimate infrastructure.ESET said.

Possible attack vector will be the Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), attackers might compromise the companies network gateway to intercept and redirect the traffic of the targeted machine to a compromised machine.

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Attackers may intercept the traffic at the ISP level which is evident with FinFisher Spyware, attackers could use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijack to re-route the traffic to a server controlled by Turla.

If victim download and launches the flash player it drops the backdoor possibly Mosquito, a piece of JavaScript to communicate web app hosted to exfiltrate the user’s sensitive data including the unique ID of the compromised machine, the username, and the list of security products installed on the device.

A recent version of Mosquito are highly obfuscated which makes the analysis job difficult, to maintain access the installer tampers registry and also creates an remote access for RDP connection.

Source : GBHackers

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