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Now We Aware Who is the NSA Employee kept Top Secret and Sensitive NSA documents at Home computer

NSA Employee

The US Department of justice Charged Former NSA Employee Nghia Hoang Pho for taking the top secret and sensitive NSA documents to his home computer.

According to NSA agreement, it is Strictly prohibited that neither data nor NSA Hacking tools should not be taken by any of their contractors from its sensitive secrete zone.

This incident starts on last October when the Wall Street Journal reports that Russian Government Hackers are using Kaspersky software to stole NSA Advance cyber Weapons such as secret spying tools from NSA Contractor Personal Home Computer who uses Kaspersky Security Products.

Later on, Kaspersky conducted an internal investigation to answer all the questions and allegation raised, within a month they hit back saying that the user’s computer has been infected by a backdoor Mokes, which allows attackers to gain access to the device.

According to the press release published on Friday, Pho who was employed as a Tailored Access Operations (TAO) developer for the National Security Agency (NSA) retained U.S. government documents and writings that contained national defense information, including information classified as Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information between 2010 to March 2015.

Pho involved in operations and data collection to gather data from networks and also involved with Intrusion detection activities within Department of Defense information systems, connecting to his employment he had access to national defense and secret information.

US Department of justice scheduled sentencing for Pho on April 6, 2018, at 10 a.m, and he is to face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and if he convicted of any offense his sentencing of the defendant will be determined by the court.

Kaspersky Lab has CEO Eugene Kaspersky says “They have never asked us to spy on people. Never.If the Russian government comes to me and asks me to anything wrong, or my employees, I will move the business out of Russia“.

Source : GBHackers

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