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ROPDump – A Command-Line Tool Designed To Analyze Binary Executables For Potential Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) Gadgets, Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities, And Memory Leaks

ROPDump is a tool for analyzing binary executables to identify potential Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) gadgets, as well as detecting potential buffer overflow and memory leak vulnerabilities.


  • Identifies potential ROP gadgets in binary executables.
  • Detects potential buffer overflow vulnerabilities by analyzing vulnerable functions.
  • Generates exploit templates to make the exploit process faster
  • Identifies potential memory leak vulnerabilities by analyzing memory allocation functions.
  • Can print function names and addresses for further analysis.
  • Supports searching for specific instruction patterns.


  • <binary>: Path to the binary file for analysis.
  • -s, --search SEARCH: Optional. Search for specific instruction patterns.
  • -f, --functions: Optional. Print function names and addresses.


  • Analyze a binary without searching for specific instructions:

python3 /path/to/binary

  • Analyze a binary and search for specific instructions:

python3 /path/to/binary -s “pop eax”

  • Analyze a binary and print function names and addresses:

python3 /path/to/binary -f

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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