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Russian Bank ATM Vulnerability Allows to Hack the ATM by Pressing Shift Key Five Times

ATM Vulnerability

A Russian user discovered a major ATM vulnerability in Windows XP running ATM machine that could be compromised by pressing five Shift Key times.

When Shift key pressed for 5 times, a special window that suggesting to enable the sticking mode of the keys which enable up to Windows 10.

This feature is not helping ATM machines and most of the ATM machines in the world still run on the older versions of Windows mainly on the Windows XP.

Windows XP got a final update on 2014 and most of the machines that are running under Windows XP are completely vulnerable to many potential threats.

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Russian user standing at the terminal of the Savings Bank with a full-sized keyboard and waiting for the operator to answer the phone decided to press this Shift from boredom, naively believing that without functional keys this would lead to nothing.

Later he Pressed a shift key 5 times that gave him an access to a window that has given access to reach the task panel with all the bank software.

Later He tried to report this serious issue to the concern  Sberbank Employee but unfortunately, he couldn’t reach the right person.

 According to habrahabr blog where the Russian person has written his experience, The girl rather reluctantly replied that she did not know anything, to answer questions about how to contact the authorities, responded with a laconic silence and advised him to contact the support service on the phone written on the terminal itself.

“Also he said, In tech support, a friendly girl after I said that I want to report a vulnerability, immediately switched me to some other specialist. He first asked how to contact me and the terminal number, then on the nature of the problem, then I listened to music for a long time, and, after all, the guy said that the problem is fixed”

But two weeks later he tried it again but still, the vulnerability has not fixed even they said they said that they “fixed” the problem.

“He feels, I’m not an expert in the field of information security and I can not judge what damage this “feature” can cause, but, judging by the sluggish reaction – no. Therefore, for the fact of the inaction of Sberbank, I inform you of the merry action “SberShift” to you”.

Source : GBHackers

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