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Search-That-Hash – Searches Hash APIs To Crack Your Hash Quickly, If Hash Is Not Found Automatically Pipes Into HashCat

The Fastest Hash Cracking System

pip3 install search-that-hash && sth

Tired of going to every website to crack your hash? Search-That-Hash automates this process in less than 2 seconds. Search-That-Hash searches the most popular hash cracking sites and automatically inputs your hash(s) for cracking

  • Auto-Type Identification – No need to know the hash type, Search-That-Hash uses Name-That-Hash to get accurate results on the type of the hash.
  • Offline Mode – Not connected to the internet? No worries, Search-That-Hash will automatically run Hashcat for you.
  • Fast – We’re all busy people and that’s why we’ve dedicated time to make Search-That-Hash as fast as possible.
  • JSON API – As well as JSON output for CLI we also offer an API.
  • Extensible – Adding sites to Search-That-Hash is as easy as printing “hello world” !
  • Beautiful – The colours were hand-selected to be as gnarly and accessible as possible .
  • Ethical – We search hashes ethically and legally.

Offline Mode

Couldn’t find it in any API?

STH automatically pipes your input into Hashcat

Make sure to specify a wordlist if you want STH to use HashCat with -w /path/to/wordlist. If you are on Windows you must specify the path to your HashCat binary with the arg -hashcat_binary /path/to/hashcat/exe as shown above.


Install Search-That-Hash as fast as you can read this README. No, seriously — it’s that easy

pip3 install search-that-hash


pip install search-that-hash



To run.

Note: We can’t guarantee all of the APIs provide perfect privacy due to being closed source. If you need to crack sensitive, personal information please use the offline mode or Hashcat directly.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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