Sony PlayStation User Accounts are Getting Hacked, Change Your Password

Do you use Sony PlayStation? Do you purchase related products or gaming content from Sony’s online store? Well, if you do we warn you to change your login details as soon as possible (Yes, both email and password).

The reason is reportedly two PlayStaion user accounts were hacked and found purchasing products worth $570 and $600 respectively.

One user who goes with the handle of InsrtCoins on Reddit started a topic Sony is holding my PSN account hostage in which he explain how Sony blocked his account forcing him to pay for products he didn’t bought online for $570.


Even though the user had made it clear his account was hacked and he didn’t made any purchase, Sony refused to unblock/return his account until the money is paid.

I explained that this was a fraudulent purchase made by someone who had hacked into my account. I had never given my username or password to anyone. They did not budge on their position,though. Sony is holding my account hostage until I pay their ransom.

The user had to go through a lot of headache before getting his account back. Fortunately in today’s update the user has told his account has been unblocked without paying a dime. He then thanked Sony for investigating and returning his account. (Better late than ever isn’t?)

Now about the second user who goes with the handle of Kadjar on Reddit shared his story just two days ago about how his PlayStation account got hacked and a purchase of $600 was made without his approval. Sony’s response in this came was same as in the first case, but this time the company went one step further threatening the user that either he will payback $600 or pay $450 in fraudulent charges and with his account blocked for 6 months, or dispute the charges with his bank and have his account banned forever.

However, good news is that Kadjar has updated the users that he has got his account and money back.

I received a call from an Escalation Analyst at Sony today! He let me know that they had performed an investigation regarding my account, and concluded that my credentials had become compromised. The IP was traced to somewhere in Europe (he didn't specify). He let me know that Sony would make sure that my account was taken care of. He also assured me that the Sony HQ had been made aware of my situation, and that they'll be examining the details to see if there ought to be a change to their policies.

Click here to read complete chat that took place between Kadjar and one of Sony’s representative.

Both of these users have got their accounts back, but they had to go through a lot of calls, emails and mental pressure. Sony hasn’t explained how these users were hacked or if there are more users who’ve got their account compromised.

We at Professional Hackers India warn our readers to change your login details completely and asap.

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